Mini Gallery Hotel "Villa Nora Hvar"

Villa Nora Hvar is a new hotel situated in the middle of Hvar old town. The ancient Palace, built in the 14th century, once the rich and magnificent residence of the aristocratic family Gazzari, has been now completely restored as the elegant and refined Hotel Villa Nora, one of the most beautiful in Dalmatia.

Villa Nora is located in the city center, next to the main square - the largest square in Dalmatia, a 2 minute walk from the harbor and the bus station, close to famous restaurants, shops, vibrant nightlife and all major attractions and sights.


Mini Gallery Hotel Villa Nora Hvar offers you very comfortable accommodation in large Junior suites and Superior rooms, where you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere of old town view and relax in rooms distinctively furnished with high-class furniture.


The most distinguished member of the Gazzari family was Marin Gazarovic, poet and playwriter, who was born in 1575 in the house which is today Villa Nora. In the year 2006 an inscription has been put on the outside wall of the Palace, to remember that was the street where the famous artist was born.


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